With 2 unique styles of its protagonists, Oliver and Jack. Fight where the enviroment, skill and your reflex will tip the balance of your success.
Face complex and varied final Bosses, through missions through the argentine territory in its past.
Through 8 missions you will find different events ranging from going through the rapids of a river to fighting a donkey to climbing a mountain and different puzzles to advance.

Explore a dystopian land in a future where the protagonists have a different view of the circumstances they must face, focusing on a strategic dynamic for each duel in which one wrong move can be the end of the story.

 Enjoy eccentric characters who will not lack combat, blood and action Focused on detailed 3D art that will keep you immersed in the adventure.

MindKatt is not just an action and stealth game, it is also a unique story that is discovered through the game and that tells of the appearance of a new race on Planet Earth and how it manages to coexist with the original race.

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